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Are you interested in making extra funds for your

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Let us help you raise funds through our Fundraisers and Glo Runs!!!


NytroMen Group is here to help you! We make fundraising easy for your school or organization. Theirs no need to worry about putting it together because we have it done already. From the Kickoff to the very last part of the fundraiser, we are there to make it a fun and smooth event. Lights, Music, LED Robots, Prizes, and Live DJ's is just a part of the action! You put the people/runners, and we take care of the rest. We have built a sophisticated platform where raising funds is never an issue, and best of all, it doesn't require you to collect any monies. Not only are we putting it all together for you, but we are also making it a headache FREE. There are a few more details to these fundraisers and Nytro Glo runs but those, we rather show you in person. Email or Contact Us to schedule a meeting.

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National: USA Miami (305)303-9400

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