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NytroMen Group is an LED Robot Company based in South Florida providing the Best services possible when it comes to LED Robots equipped with CO2, LED Dancers, Professional Dancers, Corporate Robots, Trade Show Robots, Advertising Robots, LED Drummer Robots, CO2 Confetti Canons, Brazilian Dancers, and much more! We can incorporate any of our services to any event or venue locally in South Florida, Nation wide, or International. NytroMen Group has been in business for a long time and has built a strong reputable Trademark name when it comes to LED Robots / Robots in the Industry. We provide top notch services and our team stands behind it's work to give the most professional, fun, talented, and amazing shows everytime we do an event! Our years of experience is what has given NytroMen Group the opportunity to grow and learn what works best when it comes to LED Robots and the LED Industry. NytroMen Group has done and keeps doing events for Fortune 500 companies, TV Shows, Artists, Trade Shows, Music videos, Schools, and lots more! As you browse through our website you will see the different services and entertainment that we provide to customers on a regular basis. We can put a package together for you according to your needs. Let NytroMen Group be the talk about for days at your next event! NytroMen Group is a full Licensed & Insured Company for yours and our safety. Let's make your next event an unforgettable one and Thank You for visiting our website!

LED Robots

Our LED Robots are 9Ft. Tall and are  equipped with High Intensity Bright LED Lights,Digital LED Lighting,  Backpacks that carry CO2 Tanks, Dual CO2 Laser guns, and can be equipped with other accessories as well. Click on the link below for more information.


LED Dancers

Our LED Dancers and small robots are equipped with High Intensity LED Lighting, LED Shoes, and can be equipped with other accessories as well. Our LED Drummer is the same as the small LED Robot but comes equipped with a percussion set. Click on the link below for more information.

PRO Robots

Our Pro Robots are great for day and night events. These Robots are 8 Ft. tall and come with extremely powerful LED Lights and a 10 inch Display to custom fit any logo or short video to brand your company and more. Click on the Link below for more information.


We have a variety of LED Robots and Packages to choose from!


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