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NytroMen Group LED Dancer Girls are regular adult height and have Extremely Bright LED Lights on their suits and shoes/boots. These LED Dancers are professional and can make up choreography to almost any song. These are trained dancers that have special dance moves and can even dance in sync when 2 or more are together. Our LED Dancers make a great addition to any of our LED Robots, especially our Small LED Robots or Drummer. When you combine our small LED Dancer Robots with the LED Dancer girls you get a great dance combination. They all dance in sync and you have the best of both worlds, LED Dancer girls, and LED Dancer Robots. This is the perfect combination for any event or venue that has low lying ceilings where our tall LED Robots don't fit. Our LED Dancer girls are also accompanied by a Light Engineer who controls the LED Lights through a wireless remote. The wireless remote controls the Light colors, patterns, and brightness. The Light Engineer can make any of our robots turn into 1 full solid color, strobe multi-colors, or even go to the beat of the music with the press of a button. Other Accessories like LED Confetti Cannons and LED CO2 guns can be added to any of our dancers/robots for an additional cost. For more information go to our Products Page. For any other Inquiries or questions for corporate events, private parties, quinces, bar/bat mitzvah, weddings, grand openings, birthday parties, crazy hour / hora loca, concerts, music or video shoots  Contact Us.

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