Hora Loca 


  Here at NytroMen we mix the best of both worlds. We offer an unforgettable Crazy Hour / Hora Loca Show with our LED Robots, Brazilian Samba Dancers with LED wings, LED Drummers, Stilt Dancers and more! This is one of our hottest shows for weddings, quinces, corporate, and private events in Miami or Nationwide. NytroMen Hora Loca Robot shows will definitely give your event that extra kick that it needs to get the party started! We highly recommend this show if you want to give your event a little Brazilian touch along with today's modern LED Robots and drummersCALL NOW to reserve your Event!

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National: USA Miami (305)303-9400

Lexington Kentucky (859)619-4800

Int: Medellin Colombia (786)230-6577

Chile (569)61207764

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National: USA Miami (305)303-9400

Lexington Kentucky (859)619-4800

International: Chile (569)61207764

Medellin Colombia (305)303-9400

E-mail: info@nytromengroup.com

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