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Pro Robots


NytroMen Group Pro Robots are 8 ft. tall and are metal looking robots with

extremely powerful LED Lights and a 10 inch Display. Through this 10 inch display you can play a short video, slide show, or logo. These Pro Robots are great for trade shows, corporate events, tv, concerts, advertising, movies, custom branding, grand openings, police departments, schools, city events, fundraisers and much more! These Robots are also equipped with a digital spectrum lighting in the face area that is sound activated which gives it more of a robotic look. The Pro Robots are not recommended for use at events or venues where alot of dancing is required. In this occasion we recommend our LED Small or Tall Robots. Our Robots are also accompanied by a Light Engineer who controls the LED Lights through a wireless remote. The wireless remote controls the Light colors, patterns, and brightness. Other Accessories like LED Confetti Cannons and LED CO2 guns can be added to any of our robots for an additional cost. For more information go to our Products Page. For any other Inquiries or questions that you may have on the Ultimate LED Robots in Miami feel free to Contact Us. 






Lexington Kentucky's NEW ROBOT


One of our newest creations made specially for our UK Fans and the Big Blue Nation. This Robot is 8 Ft. tall and has very bright blue and white LED Lights all around. "BIG BLUE" also has a 10 inch display in the middle of the chest for Brand Promotions, display company logo, or play short videos. This is a great feature for your event to go viral on social media. When people see "BIG BLUE", the first thing they want is a picture with it as this is not your everyday common robot. Specially when it's Live in Public and right in front of you!


Our Pro Robots were recently featured on  Boys Toys, AWE TV 

Full Segment Coming Soon! Showing on TV Now.


NytroMen Group is proud to have been

a part of history! Our Pro Robots were

chosen to participate in the Deplorables

Inaugural Ball in Washington D.C. for

President Trump's Inauguration. 

Thank you! to all of our customers

for trusting in our services.

Services are provided as business and do not apply to our political  background.



  For more videos on our services CLICK HERE.

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