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   Are you planning to have a Starwars theme party? Need some characters to go with your theme? We have our Nytro troopers and Nytro Vader which have some similarities to what the real Starwars Stormtroopers and Darth Vader look like. These are not your regular Party City or any other costume store brand. Our suits have been modified and made to be our very own Nytro brand with LED Lights and we guarantee the Nytro Galaxy Wars crew will definitely impress your guest and get the party going! Our Nytro Troopers have guns with very bright LED lights on them. Their armor body suits and helmets are made to impress any enthusiast or Starwars fanatic.  Our Nytro Vader stands over 7 feet tall and is not on stilts or platform shoes. This Dark Lord has LED Lights throughout his armor, belt, and chest area. He also has a very bright Light Saber that is custom made for NytroMen Group. For more information on our show/s email or CONTACT US.


Below is a video of our Nytro Galaxy Wars crew in action. 

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