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We offer a diverse range of LED Robots in Miami or Worldwide. NytroMen Group has different types of LED Robots, LED Dancers, and LED Accessories. We take pride in our work and offer nothing but the Best in our Industry. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have in reference to our services or products. Small or large, your request will be met with expert advice, individualized attention, and innovative solutions. Our staff is looking forward to speaking with you.




NytroMen Group specializes in Corporate Robots, LED Robots and LED Accessories for all types of Events Local in Miami or Nationwide. Some of the services we provide are LED Robots, LED Dancers, Brazilian Dancers, and Stilt Walkers. We also provide accessories like LED Confetti Cannons, LED CO2 Guns, LED Foam Sticks, LED Uplights, and CO2 Jets.  Scroll down the page for more information on the services we provide. 



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Accessories & More!

 LED Foam Sticks

These LED Foam Sticks have a little button to push in that has 3 different light settings. They can also be turned Off / On by the same button. Call for pricing!


 LED Fetti Cannon

Our Confetti Cannon is super strong and gives a huge blast of white fire retardent Confetti. The confetti is easy clean up and non stick. This is a mobil cannon that uses battery power for the LED Lights and CO2 for the blast.



LED CO2 Guns

The LED CO2 Gun can be added to any of our robots, dancers, or shows for an additional cost. The multi color LED gun is controlled by a wireless remote and is battery powered.



Other Services




NytroMen Group can also provide other services through our sister company DJ Sound Production. DJ Sound Production provides DJs, Lighting, Staging, Spandex Screens, and Inflatable Movie Screens.

For more information on DJ, Sound Production click on the link below


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